Adam Hurwitz: Production
Here is a sampling from various audio projects over the years. To download mp3s, control click (Mac) or right click (Win) on the links and download linked files. Contact me for any reason at
dekker dubplates
a compilation of tracks released in 2006
01 The Dollar Song (6.9 MB)
02 Lesson Number 2 (8.3 MB)
03 A Steaming Plate Of 808 (6 MB)
04 Peel Down The Rubber, Featuring Lesion (11.1 MB)
05 Dormir Dub (7.7)
deep plane face lift
The EP, Deep Plane Face Lift, was a companion piece to the project room show at Debs and Co in 2003, Violent Beauty, that featured small paintings of cosmetic surgery procedures. The audio piece consists of narration from a cosmetic surgery instructional set to a musical narrative of dub, trip hop, ambient and twelve tone music.
01 Flip the Flap/Jaw Line (21.6 MB)
02 Fat/Pull the Lid Out (10.6 MB)
03 A Lump of Blood and Muscle (8.8 MB)
Lesion is a heavy metal rock outfit from Essen, Germany, and Adam has been given the opportunity to remix many of there slamming tracks:
Turn it out (Go for Baroque Remix) (7.8 MB)
Peel Down The Rubber (Rude Boy Selecta Remix) (11.1)
Girls Night Out (Friendly Fluffer Remix) (10.7 MB)
Blood Bath (Dekker Goes To Mars Remix) (7.1 MB)
We Have Ways Of Making You Talk (Raw Nerve Remix) (9.9 MB)
I'm In The Industry (8th Avenue Rinseout Remix) (11.6)